What is this page?

I did it, I finally did it! What you are looking at is the final and most definitive version of my website, and even though it’s quite simple I still think you’ll need a bit of an explanation.
No mysteries in the portfolio and photobook pages but maybe the Pergioco one… let’s start by explaining what Pergioco means.

Pergioco is an italian expression, one of those things that are difficult to translate in another language, but I think literally can be translated as 'for fun', but that’s not quite it. I took it from a magazine title my father used to buy when I was a kid in the early 80s a magazine about games, tols and ecplained in a very comprehensive way, sometimes even difficult, especially for a child.

It was full with illustrations, articles about the super new and advanced electronic games (just to make it clear we are talking about Pac Man ), board games, strategy games, riddles, and tricks (a couple of numbers on how to solve the Rubik’s cube). Can you imagine, I spent hours looking at figures, playing at those games, mutilating the pages cutting out things or drawing on top of them, and most of the times without even understand what I was reading, but still amazed and somehow inspired by all the content. (if your curious about it you can find them in the internet archive)

Anyway, the most accurate way to translate it’s title probably is ‘whatever you do just for the sake of doing it’, without any utilitarian value.
In this page I will collect all the thing I think worth of sharing, a sort of a blog of different content, but mostly my personal archive of ideas, I hope it will help telling my story.